Manage Your Entire Heat Health Policy With Klimo Pro

Klimo Pro takes your organization’s heat health management with WBGT to a new level

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Klimo Pro fits right into your operations — even from a budget standpoint.

Our pricing packages are lightweight and sustainable, so you can focus on managing heat without breaking the bank.

Product Features

Whether you are an Organization Lead or a front-line Team Member, Klimo Pro makes heat health management a breeze.


As an Organization Lead

  • Verify and audit that WBGT is being tracked and acted on
  • Provide teams with an easy-to-use, accessible interface to track WBGT
  • Receive to-the-minute updates on how your teams are managing heat health


As a Front-Line Team Member

  • Receive forecasted WBGT allowing you to plan in advance
  • Know the current WGBT to make last-minute changes to your activities
  • Take Readings (documentations) of WBGT at any time, and provide context to the actions that you took based on the Reading

Pricing for Klimo Pro

✍️ A note from our Co-Founders

Hey there, thanks so much for your interest in Klimo Pro. We recently launched Klimo Insights with our flagship product, Klimo Pro.

We started Klimo to make heat health management accessible for everyone. We wake up everyday with the desire to prevent unnecessary heat related illness and heat related death. It’s a large goal, but we’d like to see a world where heat is managed effectively.

We’d like for you to join us in creating a world where we’re able to protect everyone from heat related impacts.

With all of this being said, please enjoy Klimo Pro for free for 30 days (no credit card required). If you are using Klimo Pro, we’re getting closer to our goal to prevent heat related impacts for those we care about.

Our best,
Jordan and JB

PS: our direct emails are and Please reach out for any reason.

With Klimo Pro, experience:

  • Up to 5 Sites
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited WBGT Documentations
  • Additional customization and features available upon request

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